Orlando Used Cars Safety Tips Worth Looking At Before Making A Purchase

Most of us have busy lives that involve moving from one place to another for different reasons. Vehicles are a lifeline since they help people to move around quickly and at their convenience. The cost of purchasing a brand new vehicle may be a bit high for people who have limited financial resources. The alternative of getting a used car is a lucrative one considering you can get an excellent model at a fair price. While this option seems favorable, there are some drawbacks since you cannot know how the car was used and you could end up buying a problematic one.

Well, the exact condition of a used car cannot be exactly determined but you can reduce the chances of buying a damaged car by checking out some of the Orlando used cars safety tips mentioned below;

Check The Mileage.

Ensure you check a used car’s mileage before purchasing it. Usually, the fewer the miles the vehicle has covered, the better it is for you. Vehicles that cover an average of 12,000 miles every year are a good buy as their usage is somehow moderate. It is important to note that the mileage is not the most dominant feature that should determine whether you purchase a car since you will find some vehicles with lower mileage but in far worse conditions than those with higher mileages. In a nutshell, consider your options carefully when looking at cars that have covered more than 110,000 miles as they are not your best shot at getting a good used car.

Conduct A Thorough Check.

This is one of most essential Orlando used cars safety tips as it gives you a clear picture of the condition of the car. While some underlying issues may not be uncovered during this check, it is mandatory and will help you to know of any apparent problems with the car. Do not conduct this inspection by yourself unless you are a professional mechanic. Do not let a mechanic contacted by the dealer selling the car perform the check as well. Even though mechanics know their job, it is essential to make sure that they conduct the following tests;

• Make sure all the essential features of the car such as the headlights, indicators horn, wipers, brakes and other lights are fully functional.
• Look at the brake system and see if the brake pads are worn out.
• Check the gearbox and the engine thoroughly and try to see if they are working normally. These two are the most expensive parts of a car, and the mechanic should be very thorough with these elements.
• Try to determine whether the car is five-speed or four-speed. It is always recommended to buy a five-speed car.
• Check the underside of the car and see whether the exhaust pipes, radiator and muffler are broken or rusty.
• Is there a leak in any of the car fluids such as the transmission fluid, oil or brake fluid? This can be determined by checking the place the car is parked or in the engine for some stains.
• How powerful is the car? How long does it take to pick up when accelerated?
• Check the piston rings and see if they leave some space in the cylinder. If they do so, avoid purchasing the car as replacing the pistons and cylinders is quite costly.

Take The Car for A Test Drive.

All the checks conducted while the car is stationary are not enough as you need to see how the car moves. If you are not conversant with how a car behaves when moving, consider taking your mechanic along. While driving the car, check its speed and how long it takes to accelerate from note to around fifty mph. Drive it around 40mph and apply the brakes sharply without downshifting. This will determine whether the brake pads and steering are okay.

Try and get four people to board the vehicle and then make a sharp turn. This is a perfect way of checking the condition of the suspension. While driving, check all the electrical components such as the air conditioning and whether they are working. Drive the car without holding the steering and see whether it is correctly aligned with the wheels.

Check The Car History.

The last of the Orlando used cars safety tips is checking out the vehicle’s history. Find out how many people have handled it and why. Log on to Autocheck and see whether the vehicle has been ever involved in an accident before. Does the owner have a title? If a car has a good history and has passed all the mentioned checks, buy it.

Buying a used car is a risky venture, but with the tips mentioned above, you are sure to land one that will serve you well with minimal problems.