10 Sex Toys Buying Tips Before Purchasing

Life collected the most popular sex toys that were ordered on the online shopping websites, when you see that you realize that you still do not know much about true pleasure. And buyers of these strange devices and their funny comments to the Discreet shipping of the goods will help you to figure it out.

  1. Stainless Steel Back Massager

Initially, this metal device was used for sewing. The cutter is used to transfer lines from a drawing to paper when receiving patterns.In general, a good design, although it doesn’t pierce your skin. It even excites you use this kind of thing.

  1. 3D vagina for masturbation

Manufacturers claim that the toy’s vagina has a 3D design and promises sensations better than in life. In addition, the masturbator has a super realistic female ass, an elegant mini size of the vagina and anus.

  1. Anal vibrator

This sex toy is primarily made for men, but is also suitable for women. It works very quietly and neatly. Also waterproof.

  1. Vibrating rabbit

The elastic vibrating ring is intended for a man, and bunny ears at this time stimulate his eggs and the clitoris of a girl.

  1. Sasha Gray’s mouth

The design due to its design creates a feeling of suction. To further increase it, you need to press on the toy when it is already in a member.

  1. Vibrating rings for penis

Sex toy is designed to increase the sexual pleasure of both partners. In addition, with the help of this device, a man does not quickly orgasm.

  1. G-spot vibrator

The vibrator consists of waterproof silicone, so you can take it to the pool or bath. In addition, the sex toy is noiseless and provides complete privacy when enjoying.

  1. Silicone mouth

Silicone mouth with imitation of teeth and tongue is developed in accordance with this woman, so you get a realistic blowjob feeling.The toy is not as good as the wife, but when she is not around, it is a good replacement.

  1. Falloimitator replacing the real member

It is a beautiful and realistic dildo with suction cup, which is useful in the shower. The size of sex toys are so perfect that they replace a member of a real man, or serve as a supplement for anal sex. It fits perfectly in the girth, and in the shower it keeps regardless of the pace of our games.

  1. Vibrator with 10 speeds

The double design stimulates the clitoris, vagina and angst simultaneously. In addition, the vibrator has 10 speeds, which are regulated depending on your wishes. Convenient bend allows you to reach the most cherished places.

If you still think that sex toys – this is instead of real sex with a partner, then it is time to part with this delusion! Not instead, but together this is the new motto for Valentine’s Day. And it is not at all necessary to shock a beloved man with a threateningly phallus-like dildo of inhuman proportions. With these funny things, your sex will become more vivid for both, orgasms is unforgettable. In a word, it’s unlikely a moronic teddy bear, a new smart phone, or even a ring with brunettes can strengthen and upgrade your relationship so much.

First, determine your own goals. For what exactly do you need a sex toy – for use in joint caresses with a partner or for self-satisfaction? In addition, you should immediately decide what you want – the stimulation of particularly sensitive areas of the body, just new sensations, or the caress of those areas of the body that usually remain “unheeded”. After you stop on a certain category of intimate products, it will be much easier for you to navigate in the existing range. Secondly, pay attention to the material manufacturing sex toys. Visit LG for more info.

The best option is medical silicone, cyberskin, metal and ceramics. Silicone is incredibly elastic, absolutely hypoallergenic, soft and pleasant to the touch. But – it carries only water-based lubricants. CyberSkin – may also appear in the product description as a UR3, Futuristic, Love Skin or Soft Touch is incredibly realistic material. All these heats up quickly to body temperature during use. Cyberskin does not cause allergies, is very pleasant and elastic.

The only negative is a fairly porous material, so it requires special care. It should be washed with warm water with a special tool (can be found in any sex shop) or soap, dried and powder with powder (usually comes bundled with a sex toy, or bought separately). CyberSkin can only be stored in a cool dark place, ideally in a package or soft fabric case. They can only be used with water-based lubricants. Medical metal is an excellent option for sophisticated users or searching for new sensations. It is hypoallergenic, easy to clean, and can be used with any kind of lubricant. Besides, metal sex toys can be heated or cooled under running water, if allowed by the design of the model.

Ceramics in their own way

The properties of ceramic sex toys are similar to metal. Also do not require special care, they can be used with any lubricants. Each of these materials has its drawbacks. ABS – not too plastic, but it can be used with silicone and water lubricants.

Glass- well in all respects, sex toys from it are usually not too expensive, they can be used with any lubricant, it is extremely easy to care for them. But – no elasticity. They can be used only with water and silicone lubricants. The elastomeric is a very soft material, so sex toys are usually covered with an elastomeric layer, inside having a rod of more rigid material. Due to its porosity, the elastomeric does not tolerate any lubricants, except water. Gel is a very gentle and short-lived material. Keep it separate from any other items, especially sex toys, and even better – in a fabric case. Can be used with water and silicone greases.

PVC or polyvinyl chloride

Often, manufacturers make the basis of PVC, and the top cover it with a more realistic and high-quality material. Can be used with water and silicone greases. Third, reconsider your desires. At this time, regarding the complexity of the design or innovation of sex toys. If you put simplicity, convenience and at the same time functionality at the forefront – believe me, you won’t need extra settings. Especially, I would not recommend stare at tech sex toys for beginners. Fourthly, when the sex toy is practically selected, think about the additional accessories you may need. It is better to buy everything at once.

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