4 Things To Keep In Mind When Inserting Yoni Eggs

Yoni Egg is a great tool for creating stronger contact with your body, boosting pleasure and discovering new aspects of you as a woman. Yoni eggs are the names of the crystals that are ground to egg form and are used to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen. Strong, toned muscles in the vagina are associated with increased sexual pleasure and good vaginal health.

With yoni eggs originates from China and is estimated to have 5000-year-old roots. The technique was practiced and refined but kept secret from the public for a long time. Yoni is a Sanskrit word meaning the “holy place”. After only 2 weeks of training you can experience benefits like:

  • Strengthened muscles to prepare for childbirth and accelerate postnatal healing
  • Experience stronger orgasm and increased sensitivity
  • Increased libido and awakening of your sensuality
  • Reduced PMS discomfort, menstrual cramps and duration of menses
  • Experience a stronger relationship with your yoni, body and yourself
  • Get control of the vaginal muscles for increased enjoyment for you and your partner
  • Strengthened vaginal health and increased overall well-being
  • Relieve incontinence and prevent future prolapse by strengthening the pelvic floor
  • Reduced problem with dry mucous membranes

Set of three sizes

The set comes in three sizes, small, medium and large. It is perfect for you as a beginner and then you develop in your workouts. Start with the stone that feels best for you and try out different exercises and sizes.  A number of processes that are important are not yet discovered and one of them is inserting yoni eggs.

For those who want only one egg, eggs are also available as single options. Size medium fits well as a first size to begin with. It gives variation in your workout instead of testing different exercises.

Specially made gift box

Yoni eggs are delivered in a beautiful box that is also suitable for storing your eggs when not in use. The ash has magnetic locking and interior of foam that keeps your eggs protected.

Yoni eggs are made of genuine crystal of the highest quality, carefully chosen to create the most beautiful yoni eggs. With yoni eggs, you can be sure to get a product you can be assured of for a stronger collaboration you’ve never experienced before.

By inserting yoni eggs you can be assured for an amazing experience. Yoni Egg has a lot to offer you as a woman and giving you an amazing experience is our main goal. Experts have reviewed every detail of yoni eggs and are proud to offer you the highest quality yoni eggs.  Buy now at yonieggs.

What is Yoni Egg?

After giving birth, many women feel that sensations during sex have changed, the sensitivity has decreased. And with age, especially with a sedentary lifestyle, the pelvic floor muscles lose their tone even in women who have never given birth. Everyone heard about kegel exercises.

To restore the elasticity and elasticity of the vaginal walls, to “pump up” the intimate muscles using automated simulators, exercises with vaginal balls – there are many techniques. Training intimate muscles will help not only to solve postpartum problems, but also to make subsequent birth less painful.

It is advisable if you do not independently “assign” a set of exercises to yourself, but sign up for a special training where you can get expert help, including when choosing vaginal balls. Training intimate muscles will help make subsequent labor less painful.

In general, the system of exercises is as follows. The duration of classes at the beginning of training should be no more than an hour per day. First, try just for an hour to walk with the vaginal balls inserted into the vagina, around the apartment. Once every half an hour, it is necessary to compress and relax the vaginal muscles for 1-2 seconds alternately for 1-2 minutes. According to the same scheme, you study on the second and third days, increasing with each day the duration of classes by one hour. Starting from the fourth day, you can add every day for 1-2 seconds to the periods of compression and relaxation of the vaginal muscles. As a result, by the 10th day a woman should walk with vaginal balls for 7-8 hours, do an exercise every half hour for 3-4 minutes and keep the muscles squeezed-relaxed for 15-20 seconds.

Training is not recommended to start immediately after childbirth. Accurate testimony should give your gynecologist, but if severe postpartum problems are not, then the classes can begin after 2-3 months. The recovery period of the vaginal muscles can take up to six months for training with vaginal balls and about 2 months for training with the simulator. Be sure to consult in advance with your doctor about possible contraindications. Among them, for example, there may be a strong degree of uterus prolapse, sexually transmitted diseases, something else. And, of course, any training is prohibited during the pregnancy itself.

What is the difference between the methods?

Conventionally, there are two main schools for training intimate muscles – Eastern (tantric, Taoist practices and others), which has a long history, and Western (exercise system developed by Arnold Kegel, classes using vaginal simulators) that emerged in the early XX century. In the Eastern school, the art of controlling intimate muscles is associated with energy and breathing practices, it worried women in antiquity, stone and jade eggs and simulators were used to develop muscles. The founder of the western school can be considered the American urologist Arnold Kegel. He first spoke about the problems of the pelvic floor muscles, developed a special set of exercises for his patients who suffered from urinary incontinence, and created a prototype of a modern feedback simulator (that is, the force of intimate muscles could now be measured). Russian scientists Muranivsky and Kornev improved the method of Kegel. In the 90s, engineer Vladimir Muranivsky created his own system of training intimate muscles, which he called “VUMbuilding” (VUM – vaginally controlled muscles).

He advanced the theory that the vagina has three rings inside it that can be controlled consciously.

This hypothesis as the facts confirmed by official medicine showed; vaginally controlled muscles do not exist, because the vaginal smooth muscle muscles cannot be controlled by consciousness. The art of owning the vagina is achieved by contracting the muscles of the pelvic floor and the adjacent muscles that surround the vagina, as it were, on all sides. The technique of Kornev was called IMbilding (IM – intimate muscles, “building” – the construction).

Unfortunately, many girls and women still know only outdated methods and simulators. The use of rubber pears, the measurement of muscle strength by hanging water bottles – all this is the last century. While in the West, special advanced simulators are sold in almost every pharmacy, they are prescribed by gynecologists and urologists; – outdated models of simulators with uncomfortable functionality dominate the market.

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