4 Tips To Find The Perfect Latex Clothing For You

The latex fetish is one of the most widely used fetishes out there. Do you have a latex fetish? Then you are exactly right on my website. We give you important tips and tricks for your fetish. Because a latex fetish is not just a simple fetish, it is a lifestyle that you should live out. You should not hide a fetish in any case. And just the latex fetish is accepted in our society as no one else.

Am we on latex?

  • Whether you really have a latex fetish, you can see at the following points:
  • You will find shiny clothes cool.
  • You like the smell of rubber.
  • You love tight clothes.

If you fulfill these points and then also find latex on your skin cool, then you are one of the lucky ones with a latex fetish. A latex fetish is nothing unusual at all and you will enjoy it to live it out again and again. For the latex clothing in fashion this is important now.

Since it sometimes happens now that the latex breaks, because it is not indestructible despite all elasticity, we would like to explain to you here how you can repair small holes and small cracks yourself.

All tips are of course also for repairs, should you have treated one of your favorite pieces too hard. You can easily damage the latex when putting on or taking off with your fingernails.

Conditions to be able to start with are absolute cleanliness of the article that is of the utmost importance; otherwise the glue cannot establish a connection. As clean as described here in the blog “Latex care but right!”. If you need cleaners, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our “Latex Cleaner ” section! Or you can get one at laidtex.

Very important! Chlorinated latex does not stick

  • For gluing you use our latex glue, if you need narrow stripes you will find the here: Latex Strips
  • After you have cleaned the surfaces to be glued (let it dry), it is best to use a finger (latex gloves or fingerling) to apply the glue evenly to the appropriate places. Please note that always both adhesive surfaces have to be treated with adhesive.
  • Allow the glue to air until it has a transparent color (about 10 – 20 min.), you can accelerate the whole thing a bit with heat, but caution! No heat just heat. We take a hair dryer and this on level 1.
  • Then you put both parts together and press them firmly. Also suitable is a roller with which a uniform pressure on the adhesive surfaces can exercise.
  • After about 12 hours, the glued surface is fully loadable.

If you cannot get along or have 2 left hands, no problem. Send us an e-mail with a description of the defect, a photo and we’ll tell you if we’ll fix it and what it costs you if it’s a big crack.

How to put on latex, how to put on a latex cat suit and how to wear latex clothing without much effort. These and many more questions do not reach us daily, but on a weekly basis. Many of our customers ask us these questions, as experienced latex wearers, but also newcomers, the newbies in the field of shiny fashion and latex clothes ask this. And in the normal case, this question would also be quick and easy to answer if we were talking about conventional clothing made of cotton, PVC or elastic materials such as Lycra. But not so latex. But even this statement may be questioned since the trend of chlorination at the latest, with the Latex Shop is one of the pioneers and offers chlorinated latex as a standard at no extra cost, Of course, you can continue to purchase your new latex clothing such as latex leggings and latex cat suits from us, depending on how your taste decides. It is always important to weigh exactly what you like, what are the advantages and disadvantages. Of course, we are happy to help you with these questions.

Donate Latex Cat suit Quickly, No Problem Chlorinating

But let’s look at the original question, how do we properly apply latex, is it even possible to put on latex without having to spend hours on it? We can give a definite yes to this question. It is important before putting on, that you cleanse your skin of deodorants, perfumes and creams. Of course, this is not a must, however, latex is a natural and readily absorbs all other substances and just the aluminum components in deodorant sprays and deodorant sticks decompose the material over time. The pure perfumes also attack the shiny material. Therefore, we strongly advise you to follow these instructions. Especially women love perfume and nourishing products, but this is not particularly good in combination with this sensitive natural product. Another point is the material thickness of the rubber, it is rather thin, and it has normal thickness of 0.4mm or 0.5mm, such as, for example, dipped latex gloves, or is it more likely to be classified as heavy rubber. The former variants need silicone oil or talc as a dressing aid, when you get his latex clothes new, is usually talcum on it, so that dressing without problems is possible. We at Latex crazy recommend as a dressing aid for non-chlorinated latex clothing silicone oil, as the mineral talc attacks the lungs, they cannot break down this fine dust. Incidentally, this is one of the causes of the latex allergy, but this is mentioned only briefly. But make sure that you do not use baby powder instead of talc, because it’s nourishing ingredients next to the talc attack the latex, not just, but over time.

How to Properly Dress and Care for Latex Is How It Lasts For Years

Well-maintained latex clothing lasts ten years and longer. If you use silicone oil, it is enough if you give yourself a little bit on the palm of your hand and, for example, rub it on your foot and legs with a latex cat suit. Less is more and you get a feeling for what quantity is sufficient. But watch out for silicone oils on three things.

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