Five things to consider before doing anal sex on the beach

Just the idea of having sex on the beach can arouse a couple within seconds. Imagining the most pleasurable moments with your partner in an exotic place can lead to some amazing experiences, but not a lot of people take the step and make these fantasies come true.


If you’re considering having anal sex on the beach, here are a few things to think about before taking the leap. Note that this isn’t a beach sex guide — it’s just a list of things you need to consider before getting down and dirty with your partner.

Anal Sex on the Beach May Be Painful

Anal sex can be an amazing experience, but it requires proper lubrication. When thinking about the beach, what do you imagine first? Sand, right? Sand is the biggest opponent of having sex on the beach, no matter if it’s anal or vaginal. It can cause incredible friction, which can end up in bleeding and excruciating pain for both sides.


Saltwater isn’t much better than sand. Even if you’re able to exclude sand when having anal sex on the beach, the salt from the water will act almost the same as sand. Using a condom can help a little bit, but not entirely, and it’s likely that the receiving partner will feel discomfort.

Everyone Is Prone to Infection

Although most people relax the moment they visit the beach, you should be very careful if you plan on doing something naughty with your partner. Contrary to the general opinion, the beach can be a center of various diseases. Sex is an intimate thing, and hygiene should be your top priority. Even if you think you’re on clear white sand, the reality is much different.


Every beach sex guide you come across should prioritize that you shouldn’t lay down on the sand directly but have at least a clean towel to lay on. This is due to the fact that both you and your partner can catch an infection just by touching the ground with your intimate parts.


Anal sex, especially in a public place such as the beach, can be very dangerous when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases. It’s known that the chances of getting infected are much higher during anal than vaginal sex. This is due to the fact that the anal cavity wasn’t meant for penetration, even though many people enjoy it.

Your Lubricant May Wash Off

Another less known fact is that even if you use lubricant, it can easily wash off if it gets in touch with salty water. During anal sex, lubrication is extremely important, and keeping things lubricated at all times will ensure you have a pleasurable experience with your partner.


Not only can the lubricant wash off, but sand can stick to the lubricant and cause additional friction, tearing, bleeding, and huge amounts of pain for both partners. This is one of the main reasons why every guide for anal sex emphasizes caution when it comes to having anal sex on the beach.


If you decide to go through with your plan, make sure that the lubricant is placed on a clean, sand-free surface, and be cautious that no sand reaches your intimate parts. Also, make sure you’re both well lubricated at all times to ensure a pleasurable experience.


You may be tempted to cool down in the water in the middle of the auction, but try to avoid getting wet because the heat of the action may cause you to forget to lubricate again before continuing with the action. 

Hygiene Is Always Necessary

Hygiene is the most important part of sex. Not only can body odor kill the mood instantly, but it can lead to various infections that are difficult to deal with. This is especially important during anal sex because it’s far more likely to catch an STI this way.


Few beach sex guides emphasize just how important hygiene is. Partners can get carried away easily, but the enjoyment can quickly be destroyed due to the lack of caution. Even if you’re just messing around a bit, hygiene is extremely important. The rectum’s lining is extremely thin and prone to tearing even if the receiving partner doesn’t feel it. Because of that, using a condom during anal sex is not only recommended but widely emphasized in every guide for anal sex


Some of these guides also recommend douching, enemas, and other types of cleaning before having anal sex with your partner. Although thorough cleaning helps with infections caused by germs and bacteria found in the rectum, it doesn’t lower the chances of getting an STI.

It’ll Be Hard to Execute Positions

Beach sex can feel very limited because it is hard to execute certain sex positions. Although you’ll be in an open space with more room than you need, you’ll need to take into consideration your surroundings.


As we mentioned, sand is the number one enemy here. One wrong move can get sand on your intimate parts, which can instantly kill the mood. Being cautious means that you’ll need to be slow and very careful when it comes to the anal sex positions you choose.


The required caution may keep the partners on the edge and restricted when changing positions. That’s why most people end up only in the doggy style. Other sex positions that include the penis and anus being closer to the ground can cause both partners enough stress to kill the mood.


Is It Still Worth the Risk?

People that tried anal sex either loved it or hated it. Those who enjoyed it the first time usually have anal sex on more than one occasion, and once it becomes a habit, partners tend to become more adventurous to feel the excitement they had when they had sex for the first time. It’s also a great way to bring new life to a serious relationship.


Aside from the things a guide for anal sex will say, many people had anal sex in public places, often including the beach. By knowing all the risks and limitations to being passionate on a sandy surface, the question remains — is anal sex on the beach worth it?


We’d say it is because it can lead to an incredible experience for both partners, but being careful can’t be emphasized enough. Never have anal sex without a condom, always use proper lubrication, and make sure you keep hygiene on the highest level possible.

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